Fully equipped mobile units

Multi-purpose vehicle

The multi-purpose vehicle is a van used by Igiencontrol S.r.l. for normal monitoring services in the food industry and HORECA and in small pest control call-outs to private homes.

Each vehicle carries all the equipment necessary for routine pest control call-outs.

Atomising vehicle

This vehicle is equipped for specific interventions affecting large open or enclosed areas (warehouses) on even terrain (urban environments).

The vehicle is equipped with a “Tifone” nebuliser together with a spray lance. Ideal for dealing with adult flying insects and for use on ornamental green areas.

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Atomising vehicle

A vehicle with similar functionality to the above vehicle. Diversity is a characteristic of the vehicle which, because of its features as an off-road vehicle, can be also be used on difficult or uneven terrain.

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Portable atomiser

The portable atomiser is of use in interventions on small or medium-sized surfaces or in situations which cannot be reached otherwise by other means.

It is normally used in open environments or large enclosed industrial areas.

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Carbon bioxide sprayer

The carbon anhydride (or carbon bioxide) sprayer is a portable item of equipment which enables precise, safe distribution of carbon anhydride which during distribution goes from a liquid to a gaseous state reaching a temperature of about -70°C. This temperature allows vermin to be destroyed at any stage of their development.

Igiencontrol S.r.l. uses this equipment in all situations where pest control (cryo-disinfestation) is necessary in the absence of biocidal chemical residue.

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Portable sprayer

The portable sprayer is the commonest item of equipment with which all teams are equipped. It is basically a hand-operated pressure pump which allows small areas to be treated.

Widely used in all cases where the use of liquid insecticides is necessary.

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Thermal mist gun

The thermal mist gun is a portable item of equipment which generates a hot insecticide mist by means of an internal combustion engine. It is mainly used in enclosed environments which it is possible to saturate with the insecticide mist. It can also be used in open environments.

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Electric microniser

The electric microniser is a portable piece of equipment capable of generating an insecticide aerosol-mist. It is particularly suited for small enclosed areas which have an electricity supply.

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Spray trolley

The spray trolley is a portable item of equipment with functionality similar to that of a manual sprayer. The advantages of this equipment, which has an internal combustion engine, are that it guarantees the operator greater range and thus enables wider areas to be treated and that there is greater liquid output pressure.

Ideal for use in wide enclosed spaces (industrial premises) or in open spaces (urban or rural environments).

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