Who we are

Igiencontrol S.r.l. is a Turin company, founded in 1977, which has therefore been operating in the pest control and environmental hygiene sector in the most varied urban and industrial working scenarios for forty years.
The company has its registered head office, management, and technical department at via P. Veronese 126, Turin, in addition to having offices throughout Italy where it operates directly or through partner companies on which Igiencontrol S.r.l. carries out quality control of the services provided on its behalf.
Over the years the management, headed by Sergio Gaia, has always striven towards managing its own company activities by focusing on an attitude  of on-going improvement and customer satisfaction and has therefore  considered it necessary to define and implement an Integrated Quality and Environment Management Programme in order to give clients products and services in accordance with pre-set specifications suitable for fully meeting their demands and to operate with respect and care towards the environment.
Since 2015 it has strengthened its commitment by implementing an Integrated Quality and Environment Management Programme in accordance with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 for planning and providing pest control, disinfection, pigeon repellent and green area protection services.
In view of the extensive attention paid to the agrofood sector, since March, 2017 it has adjusted its system for managing and controlling pest control services, and not just these, to the new European standard UNI EN 16636, which will allow the quality of services offered throughout Europe to be further improved.
The standard contains clear requirements, to which to refer, as to how to ensure that pest control services offered are of a high level both from the professional and qualitative point of view, insofar as they are carried out by minimising risks to human health and to the environment and establishing a clear relationship with the client with regard to the content and expected effectiveness of the service.
Apart from quality of service, to protect its company image, Igiencontrol S.r.l. is always particularly mindful of accountability and has thus chosen to comply with the requirements and instructions issued by Legislative Decree n° 8 of 8th June, 2001, which introduced the administrative liability of public entities into the Italian legal system.
According to the Italian laws on the “liability of entities for illegal official acts depending on the offence”, companies may be held liable and consequently punished with a fine and/or ban for offences committed or attempted in Italy or abroad in their interest or to their advantage.
In connection with this, at its meeting on 21st December, 2015 the Board of Directors of Igiencontrol S.r.l. decided for the first time to adopt an organisational, management and control model under Legislative Decree n° 231 of 2001 and set up the relevant External Vigilance Body.
Finally, every year Igiencontrol S.r.l. constantly invests financial resources  for the purpose of researching, experimenting and testing  new products, techniques and protocols  in actual operational scenarios  for the sole purpose of improving the effectiveness of its interventions and increasing environmental safety; for the precise purpose of improving safety and eco-sustainability, since 2016 the company has been developing a series of pest control protocols known as “Green Pest Management” which allow pests to be controlled without using insecticide formulations which are potentially dangerous to man or, in any event, residue at environmental level.