Disinfestazione condomini

Domestic environments are artificial environments within which a multitude of pest species can proliferate that interact and affect human activity in different ways.

The impact on human beings resulting from the activity of pests vary from damage to property and structures (xylophageal insects) to the worsening of sanitary hygiene (e.g. cockroaches and mice) or they are the basis of purely health implications (parasitic hematopoietic insects).

The various implications of the above-mentioned pests on human activity have a common consequence that is often ignored in the pest control sector and it negatively affects quality of life.

Domestic infestation does not only mean potential damage to materials or even people (dermatitis, allergic reactions, etc.), but also involves clients psychologically, making them feel powerless against the “enemy”; It follows that the infestation is experienced by clients as a dangerous and defenseless defeat due to the inability to defend domestic salubrity.

Igiencontrol knows the implications of pests in homes and is ready to handle any emergencies caused by pests in domestic environments, also bearing in mind that managing infestation should not increase the degree of discomfort; That’s why it has developed a whole series of solutions that include non-chemical fighting techniques.

The following are the main services provided by Igiencontrol in urban areas:

  • diagnosis and management of infestations caused by typical pests (mice, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, etc.);
  • devitalization of nodules of aculeated hymenoptera (wasps and calabrons);
  • definition of pest control plans for ornamental greenery (e.g. pine processionary caterpillars)
  • monitoring and management of culicidal (mosquitoes) in private gardens;
  • monitoring and management of infestations by bed bugs through thermo-disinfestation;
  • devitalization of xylophage infestations in wood (parquet, beams, etc.) using the Termixil® technique;
  • design and installation of bird removal systems.

In recent years, Igiencontrol has also provided water sampling services to assess the presence of bacterium responsible for legionella in pipes.