The agrofood sector contains the food most at risk of infestation and most subject to being contaminated by traces of pests throughout the chain.

In fact, in food of vegetable origin the presence of traces/fragments of insects may originate in the field (plant-eating pests) and become greater throughout the processing chain (industrial infestations).

Whereas it is difficult to guarantee the absence of plant-eating insects in the field, controlling the proliferation of pests in the processing, conservation and sales chain is compulsory in order to prevent a deterioration in the quality of food products.

It must be pointed out that farms too, i.e. primary production, must, under Reg. EEC 852/2004, take all necessary measures to protect food from pests. Therefore, farms with facilities for storing produce on site must fit these premises with devices to monitor and control pests based on the risk assessed in the self-control plan.