Disinfestazione cucina

Reg. EEC 852/2004 has introduced, in the food chain, important standards to which each OSA must comply with in order to ensure safe food for end consumers.

This standard focuses essentially on the accountability of the OSA, which must assess any potential risk that may affect the health and safety of the food and, therefore, take the necessary measures to ensure that the analysed risk is eliminated or reduced to acceptable safety levels.

Food-borne diseases are still an important public health problem and essentially include infections and infestations sustained by bacteria, viruses, protozoa and viruses caused by toxins produced mainly by bacteria at various stages of development; infestants are also responsible for the loss of 10% of the products in developed countries and 35% in developing countries as a result of direct consumption or contamination.

As potentially pathogenic carriers, infesting animals are the source of many risks to which food is subjected to during the various stages of processing and storage. Regarding the carriage abilities of insects, Reg. EEC 852/2004 requires that appropriate measures are taken to prevent/contain the presence of pests in premises where food is handled.

Therefore, in order to obtain safe food, a correct assessment of the risk of infestation of premises and correct planning of the measures for prevention monitoring and treatment is necessary.

Igiencontrol does not essentially focus on the implementation of treatment measures, since taking direct action means acting on the consequences of a problem rather than its causes; only investment in prevention and monitoring will enable long-term results to be achieved in the medium to long term, as well as allowing action in a specific manner when a problem occurs.

Indeed, even these activities can, as in the case of infestants, pose a danger to food (risk of chemical contamination), which must therefore be carefully assessed and managed. Correct prevention and proper monitoring allow quick actions after the emergence of a problem, in a specific manner.

In the food sector, Igiencontrol, which is UNI EN 16636 certified, provides a wide range of essential OSA services including:

  • assessment of the risk of infestation of the environment;
  • planning of prevention measures;
  • definition of monitoring measures for each product sector;
  • installation and management of pest monitoring systems in the various food sectors. Igiencontrol also owns a modern rodent monitoring system that allows, through special equipment, the detection the presence of the target species in monitored areas (WINRAT® system)
  • preparation and management of plans to combat infestation;
  • sampling of potable water and execution of surface swabs for subsequent delivery to a contracted laboratory;
  • performing pest management audits required by voluntary certification standards.