Offices and industrial complexes may be particularly susceptible to the spread of pests, especially if there are organic matrices in these environments which can be attacked.

The complexity and heterogeneity of these environments always require a careful assessment of the risk of infestation before any intervention, particularly if the intervention has been requested for preventive purposes.

In fact, in industrial complexes where food sources are not processed the problem of pests is almost always linked to ubiquitous synanthropic species which exploit these environments as they are heavily equipped with protected areas and food resource. Correct handling of preventive techniques generally stops the occasional presence of pests becoming an infestation.

Pests in working environments may also be a problem to workers who may develop allergies or skin diseases or contract infectious diseases transmitted by pests. Therefore, as a result, in certain cases the presence of pests may represent a risk to workers and, as such, the risk must be assessed within the framework of the risk assessments provided for by Legislative Decree 81/2008 and, consequently, dealt with.