Institutions and companies

Disinfestazioni ospedali

Vermin represents potential carriers of pathogens for humans and animals and, at the same time, a source of environmental decay which impacts particularly negatively on the perception of the quality of the services of Institutions and Companies offering tourist services or, more specifically, personal services.

Precisely for these reasons, monitoring and control of vermin must be a priority not only for food companies, but also for all companies providing personal services where hygiene in the environment must take first place such as schools, kindergartens, creches, swimming pools, means of transport, amusement parks, etc.
In these contexts, Igiencontrol is well aware of its customers’ problems and their image requirements and, therefore, discreetly and professionally is able to offer a complete pest management service ranging from designing prevention and monitoring systems to the implementation of vermin control techniques in compliance with the stringent standards of the sector.

Igiencontrol for Institutions and Companies offers:

  • analysis of environmental infestation risks;
  • the design of systems to prevent infestations by vermin, including the removal of birds;
  • pest monitoring;
  • the preparation of action to fight any type of pest;
  • the preparation and management of protocols for disinfecting and hygienising environments.