Water is a precious and essential commodity which forms part of many everyday activities, whether used for food or hygiene purposes. An indispensable requirement which water must have is that it must be drinkable, i.e. it must not be contaminated from a chemical and microbiological point of view.
The responsibility for guaranteeing potability requirements therefore falls to the manager of the water supply up to the point of delivery (usually the meter or the connection point). Beyond that point water may still be subject to contamination and pollution but responsibility can no longer lie with the manager of the water supply.
Responsibility for maintaining potability requirements beyond the meter or the connection point falls to the administrator or the owner of the building who has the responsibility of guaranteeing that the water installations or grid do not have a negative effect in chemical and microbiological terms on potability and the relative safety of the water from the point of view of hygiene and health.
The above responsibility is the result of the fact that the administrator is the custodian of the items in a building, the conservation thereof and the effects which they may cause. Through Euroigiene, the company which it controls, Igiencontrol is in a position to offer a full regular water sampling service in compliance with Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption.
The samples taken are then sent, still through Euroigiene, to approved analysis laboratories which issue a specific test report which enables the administrator of a building to duly pinpoint any problems due to the presence of obsolete piping and/or apparatus or, furthermore treatment plants not receiving proper maintenance, so as to be able to take the necessary measures to restore conditions of compliance for the water within the provisions of rules in force and thus guarantee the safety of the water to the buildings.

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