Igiencontrol is well aware of the operational problems and limits of effectiveness encountered in the classical disinfestation of woodworm on working materials. For years it has studied a system, the subject of a patent, which allows each insect inside a piece of wood to be destroyed using heat distributed by special thermal bundles.

Heat is the only way of fighting woodworm the effectiveness of which against each stage in the development of the pest can be guaranteed and, furthermore, the use of a physical means, such as heat prevents chemical substances spreading and lingering on at environmental level.

With the Termixil system, heat is radiated by special thermal bundles which allow items of different shapes to be wrapped up, and also for floors to be treated, thus preventing overheating of the surroundings.

The thermal bundles, equipped with resistance to overheating, are controlled by specific heat resisters connected to a thermometric sensor suitably placed on the wooden product being treated as far away as possible from the heat source.

All the heat sensors and thermal bundles are handled from a control unit. The control unit can handle 5 heating elements simultaneously. By imposing the maximum absorption permitted the system distributes charges to the different sections.
Each time a section is disconnected through having reached the maximum external temperature, the system supplies the next non-active section until the section chosen reconnects.

When the internal end-of-process temperature reaches the section, it is finally disconnected leaving the electrical power to the others.

Where it is not possible to insert internal probes, such as, for example, in works of art, valuable items of furniture or very thin products, the apparatus is designed to measure the total output power (with the outside temperature limits compatible with the type of object to be treated always being checked). and through the physical characteristics of the material and its geometry it can be established by an algorithm whether an adequate temperature for treatment has been reached.

In the event of any of the sensors malfunctioning, if, according to the calculations, the energy fed to a part is greater than a certain percentage of what is necessary according to the calculations, the system will send an alarm and if the operator does not intervene, supply to the area affected will be cut off after a few minutes.

Termixil is therefore the ideal solution for disinfesting wooden products without using chemical insecticide molecules. Carrying out the treatment is simple, not dirty and the result is guaranteed.