Igiencontrol s.r.l.’s professional ethic is always to intervene in the event of a problem and not just of the consequences. Interventions carried out without knowing the cause of an infestation problem are in nearly all cases temporary palliative interventions resulting in the problem reappearing shortly afterwards.

Getting to know the cause of a problem means making a diagnosis. To carry out high-level environmental diagnoses Igiencontrol S.r.l. has, over the years, equipped itself with numerous instruments which enable:

• the thermal and hygrometric features of materials, environments and surfaces to be established;
• the presence of homeotherm vermin to be pinpointed through infra-red analysis;
• otherwise not visible micro-environments and micro-cavities to be inspected visually using endoscope technology;
• the presence of pests in wood to be pinpointed by analysing ultra-sound emissions;
• the functionality and safety of equipment under ultra-violet emissions used to monitor flies to be assessed;
• the intensity of light in environments subjected to monitoring protocols to be analysed.