Innovations and services


Innovations in the pest control sector tend to be aimed at improving the effectiveness of technologies in the fight against pests, improving the monitoring of pest species and/or reducing the use of chemical substances. In many cases technological developments and, therefore, the use of innovative technologies and methods are a requirement for simplifying the “quality liability” actions of the food industry or meeting the special demands of customers which are aimed more and more at methods of combatting pests which do not envisage the use of synthetic chemical substances.

In its company policy, Igiencontrol S.r.l. firmly believes that technological innovation in pest control is a key to always being to the fore in the fight against and in the monitoring of pests.

So far Igiencontrol S.r.l. has patented:

Winrat®: a system which enables the movement of rats and mice in a given area to be monitored remotely and in real time without using bait;

Termixil®: a system for disinfesting wood in structures or elsewhere based on the induction of heat through specific thermal bundles. Contrary to technologies currently in use which exploit the disinfesting power of heat, Termixil has been calibrated to be able to be used in inhabited areas too. Most current technologies, however, require the area treated to be evacuated for some days!

Furthermore, Igiencontrol S.r.l. believes that a pest control company need not be a single-service company but rather a partner for customers with a wide horizon capable of not being restricted to pest control and hygienisation but of offering a wide range of services of use in guaranteeing hygiene in home and work environments and people’s welfare.