Wasps and hornets (Vespula spp., Polistes spp. and Vespa crabro)

Wasps are social Hymenoptera organized in annual matriarchal colonies that construct nests using suitably kneaded and moulded wood fibre. The shape of the nests varies depending on the species and their location varies greatly depending on the environmental characteristics; generally, nests are constructed in attics, the cavities of rolling shutters, in hollows in trees, cemeteries, wall cavities or even inside the metal sections that make up gates. Adults are active during the day although hornets are even active at night in the summer.

Although in nature wasps are undoubtedly beneficial in that they prey on harmful insects, the presence of nests of Vespula sp. and Vespa crabro in households, always needs to be removed. The dangerousness of these species generally relates to an individual’s allergic state. Just one sting may be the start of a systemic anaphylactic reaction in an allergic person that can also have a lethal outcome.

Igiencontrol is ready to evaluate every situation and to implement the necessary removal measures even by physical means.

Disinfestazione vespe