Termite (Kalotermes flavicollis, Cryptotermes brevis, Reticulitermes lucifugus)

Termites or isoptera are social insects that live in colonies formed by a variable number of individuals divided into castes: it is usually possible to find the royal (winged) caste, the worker caste and the soldier (wingless)caste.

Biology varies considerably from species to species although it is common to all creatures with an aversion to light. Furthermore, all species are also great devourers of wooden floors and can cause serious damage to structural wood.

In order to combat them, it is first necessary to identify the species correctly and locate the nesting site which may be in terrain close to a building, or directly. within the building itself in garden or wall cavities.

Over time Igiencontrol has refined its control techniques which are always preceded by a careful study. Control is always implemented by adopting several techniques that will ensure the destruction of the colony as a final result.