Spider (Araneae) 

Spiders are predatory arthropods that feed on other insects which they capture by ambushing them or weaving complicated webs to act as traps.

Although spiders are particularly frightening and their bite is associated with severe poisoning, in realty there are only a few species in Italy equipped with a poison capable of causing systemic symptoms. In fact, in the case of a bite (which is always a rather rare and accidental occurrence), most species cause a purely local reaction.

The presence of spiders in homes and workplaces never reaches true infestation levels, but in any event their presence is evidence that there is a fair amount of other insects.

In the event of the atypical or abnormal presence of spiders, it is always worth contacting qualified expert personnel to assess the situation. Be aware of a play slots online free

Based on an environmental assessment, Igiencontrol will propose personalised pest control methods by indicating and adopting of environmentally friendly techniques.

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