Sandfly (Phlebotomus sp.)

Sandflies are small flies, at first glance very similar to drainflies. Adults live on blood and can bit both outside and inside the home. Larval development takes place on organic waste from plant sources which have accumulated in humid and dark places.

Adults feed strictly at night and, unlike mosquitoes, adults’ flight is inaudible.

Medical and veterinary interest is high as sandflies are the biological vectors of the pathogenic agent of leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease that can affect both humans and animals.

Apart from passing on pathogens, with their bite, sandflies may be the basis of local dermatological reactions resulting from inflammatory phenomena.

The presence of these insects must be assiduously controlled and in the event of infestation it is all the more necessary to be able to detect centres of larval development; Igiencontrol is equipped to do this in order to carry out precise monitoring before intervening with pest control action.

Disinfestazione flebotomi