Rat (Rattus norvegicus is Rattus rattus) and mouse (Mus domesticus)

The rat is a rodent well adapted to living close to humans and has a strong ability to exploit the changes that man actually makes to the environment.

Rattus norvegicus or sewage rat has a lifestyle more closely linked to subterranean environments and environments near watercourses, whereas Rattus rattus or black rat is a more markedly arboreal species which frequents the upper floors and attics of man-made structures.

The sewage rat’s diet is extremely varied (omnivorous), while the black rat prefers cereals, seeds, fruit, etc.

Mus domesticus or house mouse is mainly associated with enclosed environments and feeds predominantly on grain and fruit.

Infestations due to these species are particularly damaging and greatly contribute to downgrading the hygienic quality of environments and to structural decay; furthermore, by harming stored foodstuffs they cause a considerable reduction in material.

From the hygiene and health point of view, rats are potential mechanical and biological vectors of a large number of pathogens for humans and animals.

Igiencontrol, aware of the damage that rats can cause, has over the years developed remote-controlled monitoring systems and in the event of an infestation offers a wide range of solutions depending on the environment affected by the infestation.