Lace bug (Corythucha ciliata)

The lace bug is a plant parasite closely associated with the banana. The insect completes its entire development cycle from egg to adult in a tree. Both adults and juvenile stages feed on the lymph that they remove by puncturing the leaves.

Heavily infested trees have leaves with no pigment which, in the case of severe infestations, dry up.

Infestation has a negative effect in ornamental terms and in terms of annoyance as the lace bug often migrates from infested plants to nearby inhabited areas. Bites with bloodsucking and the appearance of skin irritations have been noted in literature.

In the event of infestation, the situation must be carefully assessed by an experienced entomologist.

Igiencontrol offers the following methods of disinfestation:

  • treatment of tree specimens by endotherapy.
Disinfestazione tingide del platano