Horsefly (Stomoxys calcitrans)

The horse fly is a species of fly that at first glance may be very similar to the housefly, from which it differs not so much in terms of the environments it frequents, but from the adults’ diet.

This species typically prefers cowsheds and stalls and is present in stables and open areas near stables. It can also be readily found in the home.

Larval development occurs in substrates with high humidity and a high organic presence.

This is a major species in the field of zootechnics since adults, feeding on blood, are a significant annoyance to farm animals.

The horsefly can also sting man and domestic animals. Particularly affected by infestations of this species are dwellings near farms with cows and horses.

Igiencontrol offers precise monitoring and control services not only for the zootechnical sector, but also for people who have to put up with this species from nearby farms.

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