Food moth (Plodia interpunctella, Ephestia spp., etc.)

Food moths are a heterogeneous group of “butterflies” which in the larval stage live on food and stocks of foodstuff.

Harm results not so much from the amount of material, taken as from the disturbances caused to the mass and the associated biological contamination from faeces, discarded shells, corpses, tissue, etc. The disturbances caused contribute to the spread of fungal agents and the fermentation of the mass.

Unfortunately, food products, particularly in an industrial environment, are particularly susceptible to being infested and therefore it is absolutely necessary to implement a precise monitoring plan based on the risk of infestation (i.e. plan monitoring based on species that actually pose a risk to the environment).

To carry out monitoring Igiencontrol offers combined systems of pheromone traps and other attractive traps in order to increase the sensitivity of the monitoring, and when the intervention threshold is reached, Igiencontrol offers a wide choice of techniques to fight the infestant ranging from classic methods to innovative green zero-residue methods.

Disinfestazione lepidotteri