Cockroach (Blatta orientalis, Supella longipalpa and Blattella germanica)

Cockroaches are insects characterized by a marked aversion to light and an omnivorous diet based on organic waste of various kinds found at environmental level.

The three species most likely to infest habitational and working environments have differing biological aspects. For example, B. orientalis is a typical pest of subterranean environments (ducts, water and sewer traps, cellars, etc.) and outside environments and rarely develops inside homes, unlike Blatella germanica which, on the other hand, cannot be found outside enclosed human environments (dwellings).

The impact of the three species on human activity is essentially linked to the potential transmission of pathogenic agents to foodstuffs and work surfaces. Inside dwellings Blatella germanica can also be a cause of allergic symptoms. Check out a free online slots.

In the event of an infestation it is necessary above all to make a precise diagnosis in order to accurately determine the infesting species and to therefore pinpoint active centres of infestation.

When an infestation has been declared pest control action must be urgently planned.

Igiencontrol offers the following methods of disinfestation:

  • Classical methods, using low-tech chemical insecticides;
  • Innovative methods, use of gels, mass traps and heat treatments to flush the cockroaches out.
Disinfestazione blatte