City pigeon

City pigeon (Columba livia domestic variety) 

The city pigeon is a variety derived from the wild species Columba livia which has been bred for some time. The problem with the spread of the domestic variety in urban centres is basically the result of birds accidentally escaping from breeding centres and from abandoning examples which have been bred which, in urban centres (particularly historical sections) have found a completely favourable habitat for breeding and surviving.

The spread of the city pigeon is a serious problem as, in general, it contributes to urban degradation apart from causing localised problems in the buildings which it occupies to roost and nest, fouling complete attics. Nesting often leads to the presence of specific parasites such as Argas reflexus which, in its turn, may infest dwellings close to sites occupied by pigeons. Finally, the birds’ presence may be a source of annoyance because of the noise made by the colony.

Controlling pigeons is definitely not a job for the individual. Moreover, direct measures to combat them are forbidden and, furthermore, they have always proven absolutely inconclusive if not preceded by the implementation of specific environmental modifications (reducing nesting and roosting sites, reducing food and water sources, etc.) on a vast scale.

An individual may therefore only take those measures suitable for making the infested environment inhospitable; in this regard Igiencontrol designs those plans and preventive measures best suited to individual cases.

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