Bluebottle (Lucilia spp., Calliphora spp.)

Bluebottles or blowflies are an arbitrary group of species belonging to the Calliphoridae family and, in general, to the genera Lucilia and Calliphora. These flies are easily distinguished from other species by the strongly metallic colours of their body.

Adults are omnivores and feed on exudates and secretions of various kinds, while larval development takes place by feeding on decomposing organic substances of animal origin or, in any case, in a bad state of conservation. The period of activity runs from spring to autumn with peaks in the hottest months.

In urban environments, these species can also be found in dwellings, although the activities most likely to attract this insect group are food plants dealing with meat and fish and their derivatives and / or by-products.

The hygienic role of this group is very important; given the biology and feeding behaviour of adults and larvae. Species belonging to this group must be considered as important mechanical carriers of pathogens.

The role of vector arises. therefore. because they are insects that must be constantly monitored and controlled, in particular in companies at risk (because of the type of food processed) which are included in the food chain.

In this regard, Igiencontrol offers precise monitoring and control services not only for the classic food sector (industry) but also for primary production (zootechnical sector).

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