Bee (Apis mellifera)

The honey bee is certainly the best known and most useful insect. The insect lives in pluriannual, matriarchal colonies consisting of a fertile female (queen), thousands of sterile females (workers) and, seasonally, males (drones). In spring colonies multiply, giving rise to the phenomenon of swarming.

Swarms are made up of a queen and a large number of workers which abandon the old hive to look for new accommodation for the colony.

During swarming, it may happen that the swarm temporarily installs itself on street furniture or within structural cracks or cavities of buildings.

Despite the insect’s usefulness, in many cases it is unfortunately necessary to remove swarms to ensure people’s safety.

Igiencontrol has been organized for years to recover swarms by working in harmony with professional beekeepers. This organization allows a source of risk to the population to be removed and at the same time for the bee colony to be protected.

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