Ant (Lasius sp., Crematogaster sp., Formica sp., Iridomyrmex sp.)

Ants are insects which live in pluriannual matriarchal colonies “dominated” by a female (queen) to which a large number of sterile females (workers) are subject.

Colonies are established in the most diverse places and in accordance with the biological needs of the species. Typically, it is possible to find ant nests in tree trunks, soil, gaps in walls and in wooden floors.

Ants ‘ diet is also very varied, depending on the species. In any event, they are strongly attracted to food left-overs and sugary foods.

The significance of ant infestations is essentially linked to their ability to biologically contaminate crops and surfaces.

Environmental infestation cannot usually be resolved spontaneously and must be handled accurately and have as its goal not the elimination of specimens which are spotted but destruction of the colony through visible workers.

In the event of an infestation, it is therefore necessary to plan a disinfestation.

Igiencontrol offers the following methods of disinfestation:

  • Classical methods using chemical insecticides in bait activated by special food lures;
  • Cryo-disinfestation, Thermo-dynamic disinfestation (directly on to the colony).
Disinfestazione formiche